Thursday, August 26, 2021


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Struggling in sleeping is very common nowadays in in people. Yoga will help you in providing you mental clarity and calmness in your body. Yoga will also help you in increasing your concentration, brightness and will relax your mood and brain which will help you in providing better sleep. For improving your strength, balance and flexibility of your body you need to practice yoga regularly. Better sleep will also result boosting your immunity protecting your heart from diseases.

Here are some of the yoga exercises which will help you in better sleep:

Tree pose: Tree pose will help you in maintaining your body and mind relax. It will help in making your legs stronger and also make your bones of the hip and leg strong and provide strength to them. It will result in better sleep and will improve your focus.

Camel pose: Camel pose stretch and strengthen your shoulders and back. It helps in improving your respiration by opening your chest and also improves in digestion. It helps in lower back pain and also improve the posture and reduces the fat on your thighs. It will also result in better sleep as it makes your body relax.

Cobra pose: Cobra pose help in strengthen your spine muscle, chest, abdomen, shoulder and lungs. It helps in improving the blood circulation of your body and releases the stress from your body. If the stress is released from your body you will result in a better sleep.

Child pose: Help in reducing the stress and anxiety and releases the tension of your body. It is helpful in relieving back pain and also stretches your ankle and hips.

The above at some of the yoga poses one should do before going to bed as it results in a better sleep. Disposes help in relaxing your body by stretching all the body parts and provide you better sleep.

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