Wednesday, August 25, 2021


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Hiccup is a strange sound which come from mouth without warning. Hiccup start much lower in our body that is in the diaphragm area which is a dome shaped muscle between our lungs and our stomach. When the diaphragm pulled down and you inhale air in your lungs and then relax while exhaling the air from your nose or mouth. But sometime it irritates your diaphragm spam, forcing the air you suck into your throat which hit your voice box and create a sound like hiccup.

Why do hiccups happen?

There is various reason which cause hiccup they can be both physical and summer emotional. This is because of the irritation which actually take place in the connection of nervous to the brain to the diagram.

Some common reasons are:

Eating so much and very fast

Feeling extra nervous for excited

Drinking too much of alcohol or carbonated beverages

Stress and anxiety

Sudden changes in the temperature

Swallowing any chocolate or bubble gum


These were the temporary hiccups which take place in daily life. But there are some long-term hiccups also which damage our nervous system which connected to the diaphragm. If hiccups last for a long time it can damage our nervous system and cause disorders like encephalitis and meningitis. Can also create problems like kidney failure and diabetes.

How to make them stop?

There is no such scientific prove that hiccups can be cured at home. Doctor say that if we start diverting the person from the hiccups then it can be cured. Experts say that breathing into a paper bag might help. It can be cured only by the process of relaxing your diagram. One should try meditation when they get hiccups.

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