Wednesday, August 11, 2021


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Skin rashes are very common problem faced by the people mainly in monsoon season. Skin is the largest organ present in our body and it is most likely in touch with outside world, pollutant and dust. We can also say skin is the sensitive part of our body.

Rashes can be there in body due to outside infection, bacterial attack, allergy or genetics.

Here are some common rashes:

Eczema: In medical term it is known as atopic dermatitis. The symptoms of this rashes are red, splotchy, dry and cracked skin that can emit fluid when scratched. Found usually around elbow and knee.

Contact dermatitis: They are red rashes that appears in blister form. They are caused due to allergy of something. They are shiny and cause itching in the skin.

Ringworm: The skin allergy which is caused due to fungus. The symptoms are they form circular rash which is red and often swollen. It can cause hair loss if found on scalp.

Rosacea: This causes red and swollen skin mostly in the face area. Easy flushing, stinging sensation and pus-filled pimples are the common symptoms. The redness mostly seen in forehead, nose and cheeks area.

Hives: Medically called as urticaria are red patches on the skin which is result of certain types of allergies. They are sign of some serious allergic.  

Acne: They are red bumps that appear on the skin along with whiteheads and blackheads. They are caused by eating oily food, hormonal issues or due to stress.

These are some of the common skin rashes which we see.  These rashes are not very dangerous and are cured with the treatment.     

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