Tuesday, August 17, 2021


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People generally drink cow or buffalo milk but do you know there are many other types of milks too which are equally healthy and provide you with nutrients that your body needs . So , let us see some of the types of milk :

Oat milk – drinking milk which is made by soaking oats may not be equally healthy as eating a full bowl of oats but it is a rich source of carbohydrates and also contain proteins and fiber . And it also helps you in reducing your cholesterol too .

Coconut milk – coconut is very beneficial and also used in lots of different ways and one of them is this. It is very rich in calories and fat . It is certainly may not provide protein but it drinking it helps you boost your good cholesterol too .

Almond milk – almond milk is considered one of the best non dairy alternative . It is a good source of calories , protein , fats and also contain some amount of vitamin E too . If you want to try this and are not looking  for calories then buy one that is not sweet .

Soy milk – soy milk is really the healthiest and also the richest in many nutrients too . It contains protein, vitamins , calcium , fat and also carbohydrates . if you want to switch to a non dairy alternative try soy milk because it is almost beneficial like cow milk and also helps in reducing cholesterol , breast cancer risk and blood pressure too .

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