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Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin which is very important for our body to function properly as this vitamin is important for our body for proper vision, strong immune, reproduction and also good for our skin.

Deficiency of this vitamin leads to various types of diseases and the person who are mostly at the risk of developing these diseases are pregnant women, infant and children.

Here are some of the symptoms which tell that our body have deficiency of vitamin A:

Dry skin: Vitamin A is very important for healthy skin as it help in creation and repairing of the skin cells and fight with skin issues. Deficiency of Vitamin A will make your skin dry and will lead to itchy skin. Eczema is a condition which causes dry skin and itchy skin which is only due to the lack of vitamin A in your diet.

Dry eyes: Eyes problem are mostly related due to deficiency of Vitamin A in your diet. Not getting enough Vitamin A will lead to complete blindness or will cause drying of your eyes. Dry eye is a situation where you will not be able to produce tears from the tear gland.

Night blindness: Lack of Vitamin A leads to night blindness. Taking vitamin, A rich food will only help you to fight with night blindness or else there will be a time when you will not be able to see as you will be blind.

Infertility: Vitamin A is also very necessary for both men and women as it help in reproduction and development of baby. Lack of vitamin A in one's diet will be the reason for not conceiving the baby for infertility. Deficiency of Vitamin A is also one of the reason of miscarriages or birth defect in babies.

Growth delay: Children who not getting enough amount of Vitamin A in their diet will also face problem in their development and growth. Taking supplement of Vitamin, A with combination of other nutrients will help you to improve your growth and will give you a perfect height.

These were some of the common signs and symptoms observed in people when their body leads deficiency of vitamin A. Deficiency of any vitamin or mineral in our body will lead to various problems so, it's very important to follow a balanced diet which contain all the vitamins and minerals and other nutrient in advocate amount to be healthy and fit.

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