Tuesday, August 17, 2021


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Today women very conscious about their diet. Women try to eat more carefully to look beautiful and to maintain their body as compared to men. For maintaining a healthy body, it is not important to buy all the expensive food but here are some of the super food and supplement which have been proven very much benefited for women of any age in maintaining their diet and to look simply healthy.

The following are the superfood:

Spinach: The green leafy vegetable which is full of nutrient which is needed for the women of any age. Vitamin K, calcium and magnesium. The combination of these three helps in maintaining the good and healthy bones.

Dark chocolate: Dark chocolate is considered a happy food as it helps our nervous system to calm down and releases the stress and tension present in our body and mind. Dark chocolates also have antioxidants properties.

Cruciferous vegetable: Vegetables including broccoli, cauliflower, kale comes under the group of these vegetables. They are very healthy as they reduce the chance getting cancer as well as help in the development of uterus and breast. Eating this vegetable will also help in reducing the weight and will maintain a healthy body of the women.

Beans: Beans contain fiber in a very high amount which is very good for women health. It helps them in improving the digestion and also lower the heart diseases as it improves the blood pressure level. Women suffering from type 2 diabetes should eat these as it helps in regulating the sugar level.

Potatoes: Surprisingly but potatoes are also considered a very healthy carb for intake of women. Potato contains types of starch with help us in making us feel like our tummy is satisfied and prevent us from over eating. Potatoes help in maintaining blood pressure.

These were some of the foods which is very much needed for women health for maintaining a healthy and fit body this food also does not cause any type of harm and also do not help in weight gain so women can go for this food. 

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