Wednesday, August 11, 2021


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People usually use coconut or almond oil for hair but do you know that sesame oil is equally beneficial for our hair and is also rich in nutrients too . So , let us see how sesame oil makes our hair healthy :

It prevents dry hair – sesame oil has this quality to makes your skin and hair smooth . The fatty acids present in it helps scalp and hair to prevent dryness .

It promotes hair growth – sesame oil is rich in omega 3 fatty acids and omega 6 fatty acids which helps in promoting hair growth . Massaging you hair with sesame oil on regular basis improves blood circulation and prevents hair loss .

It fights dandruff – if you are having dandruff problems then sesame oil is all you need as it has anti bacterial properties and helps in preventing fungal infection thus solving dandruff and other hair problems .

It soothes your hair – sesame oil soothes your hair . It acts as a coolant. The heat that our hair absorbs damages it’s follicles but sesame oil acts as a barrier and prevent your hair from damaging while retaining it’s moisture .

It prevents hair greying – one of the best use of sesame oil is that it prevents premature hair greying as it has hair darkening properties . Also if you use it on a regular basis you will able to keep your natural hair color for long time and will keep it shinier and stronger too .

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