Tuesday, August 17, 2021


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We all know that eating vegetables are very important for being healthy as it contains certain kind of vitamin and mineral which is found to be very beneficial for our body.

Onion which belongs from a flowering plant is full of different types of vitamins and minerals which promote health. From long time it is seen that it acts as medicinal plant because it helps in curing headache heart diseases and mouth sores.

Here are some of the impressive health benefits of having onion:

Nutrient package: Onion contains so many nutrients which is needed for our body like vitamin and mineral, vitamin C, potassium. It is found to be very good as it regulates our immune health and absorb iron in the body. It also acts as an antioxidant in protecting the cells against damage.

Heart health: Onion have antioxidant compound which help to fight from inflammation and reduce the cholesterol which lowers the risk of heart. It helps in reducing the high blood pressure and also protect against blood clot.

Antioxidant properties: Onion have antioxidant property which help our body from cellular damage and also contribute to protect from cancer, diabetes and other heart diseases. Red onion healthier as they contain anthocyanins.

Cancer fighting compounds: Eating onion on a daily basis help us to fight from cancer and also lower the risk of cancer. In studies it is found that the person who eat onion on daily basis have less chances to have cancer as onion have cancer fighting properties.

Boost bone density: Onion also help in making our bones strong. It is found that onion helps in reducing the oxidative stress and boost the antioxidant levels and also decreases the bone loss in our body. Eating onion will over all maintain the bone density of an individual.

Digestive health: Onions are a very good source of fiber and antibiotics which is very much important for our digestion. Onion helps in boosting the digestive health and also improve the bacterial balance of our immune system.

These were some of the health benefits which takes place when we take onion in our daily diet.

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