Sunday, August 8, 2021


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Hair oiling is a process in which we pour oil on our hairs and then gently massage our scalp. Hair oiling helps in increasing moisture and shine of our hair and also soften our hair. As oil are good source of vitamin and mineral so oiling our hair means giving scalp and hair vitamins and minerals.

Oiling hair is also found in ayurvedic as it helps in making our hair stronger, shiner and oiling also helps in increasing the growth of hair.

There are different oils use for oiling hair and also various techniques used by people.

Here are some of the benefits of oiling hair:

Helps in hydrating your hair: Keeping your hair hydrated is very important as our hair get direct exposure with sun and dust. So oiling hair regularly will keep your hair hydrated and help them in not getting dry.

Provide nourishment: As our body need food the same way our hair also needs. As oil are rich in vitamins and minerals so they provide nourishment to our scalp and hair which makes our hair stronger and longer.

Reduce hair fall: If your hair is dry, they fall more as its hard to manage dry hair. If you oil your hair on regular bases then that will nourish your scalp, clean the dead skin and prevent hair fall.

Reduce risk of lice and dandruff: Lice are major problem for hair and we very well know that they are attracted on dry scalp. So, if you keep on oiling then your scalp will not be dry then there will be less chance of getting lice.

Provide root strength: Applying oil on scalp helps in removing harmful toxins from scalp which makes the hair stronger and prevent from hair loss an also allow new hair to grow.

There is various oil used by people live coconut oil, castor oil, almond oil and olive oil depending on the type of scalp and hair, but oiling is important to keep your hair stronger, shiner and longer.

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