Friday, August 27, 2021


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Mango one of the famous and favorite fruit of all of us which is also known as the king of fruit. Mango is not only delicious but it also contains so many impressive nutritional values which is found to be very good for our body.

Here are some of nutritional values:

Antioxidant properties: Mango contain Polyphenol which is the plant compound rich in antioxidants. Mango also contain Mangifera which is also one of the very important nutrients and is very powerful for our body. It protects our body from cancer diabetes and other illness.

Boost immunity: Mango is said to be a very good source of immunity boosting food. It contains Vitamin A which is needed for our body and it help our body to have a healthy immune system and protect from diseases. Also, very good source of folate, vitamin B, vitamin A and Vitamin C which help in boosting our immunity.

Heart health: Mango have so many nutrition’s which help in making our heart healthy. It contains magnesium and potassium which help in maintaining a healthy pulse rate and also help in relaxing the blood vessels which result in low blood pressure. Mango also help in lowering the blood cholesterol level and also protect us from fatty acid.

Improve digestion: Mango have certain qualities which help in making our digestive health excellent. Mango contain a digestive enzyme called amylases which help in breaking down the food molecules and make it absorbed by our body easily.

Eye health: Antioxidant called lutein and zeaxanthin which help in making our eyesight good. Mango also contain Vitamin A which promote eye health. Mango also protect our eye from harmful blue light. It helps in preventing from diseases like dry and night blindness.

These are some of the nutritional values of mango which one should know. Mango is full of nutrition and taking mango in our diet also make our body fit and healthy. Mango is one of the basic fruits which all of us like and it is not only good for our body but is also tasty.

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