Monday, August 2, 2021


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Garlic is one of the good food . It is very healthy and also helps in treating certain medical conditions too . Now , let us see some of the health benefits of it :

It is nutritious – garlic is highly nutritious , it contains certain nutrients such as vitamin C and magnesium . It is low in calories too.

Treats common cold – when it comes to treating common cold and flu , garlic is considered great as it helps in preventing the severity of the illness .

It can help reduce blood pressure – high blood pressure leads can leads to strokes and heart attacks . Including garlic in your diet can help you improve blood pressure levels especially who are struggling with high blood pressure .

It is rich in anti oxidants – garlic are considered high in anti oxidants . So it protects the cells against aging process , so it may reduce the risk of dementia and Alzheimer etc .

It strengthens the bone – including garlic in your health , may improve your bone health by increasing estrogen levels especially in females .

It may lower your cholesterol – garlic is apparently good for your heart health . It helps in increasing good cholesterol and lowers bad cholesterol .

As we saw that garlic is highly nutritious and also helps us treats several medical condition but you should not rely on it for a healthy body . Add garlic in your diet will provide you certain health benefits but you should also exercise . And if you any severe medical condition consult your doctor before including garlic in your diet .

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