Friday, August 20, 2021


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Coffee is literally the source of many nutrients and anti oxidants which is good for your skin and hair . So, let us see how coffee can be used for improving our hair and skin quality :

It treats acne – as it is very rich in anti oxidants , it is very effective in fighting acne as it eliminates dead skin cells , reduces inflammation and also open pores . Not only that but it also makes your skin soft and even too .

It protects you from sun – it may help you protect you from harmful ultra violet rays and can also prevent you from aging as it is rich in anti oxidants . You can either drink or either apply it as a scrub .

It exfoliates your skin – coffee is a great exfoliant . It improves your skin quality by rubbing dead skin cells off the skin and also prevent premature aging . It also protects your skin from germs and keeps your skin smooth and acne free .

No puffy eyes – if you want to get rid of puffy eyes then coffee is great . As it helps increasing blood flow and tightens your skin too . It also helps in reducing inflammation . Try putting / dabbing coffee under eyes on daily and you will see the results .

It may reduce cellulite – coffee may help you in reducing cellulite as it exfoliates and makes the skin smooth and also stimulate blood flow too .

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