Friday, August 13, 2021


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Mother's milk is very important for a newborn baby. Mother's milk is full of Nutrition which is very good for baby. It contains right amount of nutrient for the baby and is also digested very easily by the baby.

According to World Health Organization it is said that the mother milk should continue till the baby is 2-year-old.

Here are some of the health benefits of mother’s milk for the baby:

It provides ideal nutritious to baby:  It is said that mother milk is the only food that a baby should get for the 6 months. It contains all the nutrition’s in right amount for the baby. It has right proportion of protein and is low in sugar and contain compound which is important for the newborn.

It contains important antibodies: Mother milk is loaded with antibodies which help the baby to fight with different types of viruses and bacteria in the early month. Mothers milk also protect the baby from the outside diseases and help it to generate a great immunity system.

Help in gaining weight: Mothers milk also help the baby to gain weight and also prevent from causing obesity. It also helps the baby to develop mentally as well as physically.

Help your child to develop smarter: Taking mother’s milk in the starting age help them to develop mentally as well as physically. Mother's milk helps the child in brain development also. Studies show that the newborn who take mother’s milk have higher intelligence power as compared to the one who do not take mother's milk.

These are some of the facts that we should know about the newborn that taking mothers milk will help them to develop faster both physically and mentally as compared to the one who do not take mother's milk. It is said that in the starting ages we should give the newborn mothers milk so that they can develop and can be protected from the diseases.

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