Monday, August 9, 2021


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In general , your hair needs care but after coloring you need to take extra care of it as bleaching damages you hair . So , here are few tips for you to keep your hair shiny and healthy after coloring :

Oiling is important – as it is obvious that bleaching and coloring your hair excessively damages hair natural lustre . So try to oil your hair at least 2 times a week as it will help you keep your hair healthy .

Choose the correct shampoo – after coloring , your hair texture seems to change . So try to pick a shampoo which suits it the best . Also , it will be better if your shampoo is sulphate free because it will help you keep your hair color for a longer period .

Conditioning is the key – only shampooing your hair is not enough you have to apply conditioner too for maintaining your hair moisture . You can also try home remedies to keep your hair healthy such as avocado hair mask , banana mask or use aloevera gel .

Do not use heat tools – bleaching has already damages your hair . So try to not use heat tools as it further exceeds your damage . Also minimize your exposing your hair in to the sun . 

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