Wednesday, August 11, 2021


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Height is something that enhances one’s personality. We all want a good height and it is actually something that depends on our genetic and the amount of nutrients we are taking in our diet.

Some food that helps in increasing height are:

Beans: Beans are considered a very good source of proteins and proteins are something that help in growth of the child. Beans also have iron which protect you from anemia and helps our body to grow properly.

Chicken: This is also a very good source of protein and also contain special nutrients like vitamin B12 and taurine which help in the development and growth of individual.

Almonds: They are considered power pack food as it contains so many vitamins and minerals that contributes in increasing height. They are also rich in vitamin E and fat-soluble vitamins that works as an antioxidant.

Leafy greens: Green leafy vegies like spinach, cabbage, kale is best source of nutrients and are high source of vitamin K which helps in bone health. Regular intake of these help to make your bones strong and also promote growth of body.

Eggs: They are rich source of proteins and also have vitamins and minerals including vitamin which increases calcium which is good for our bones. Regular intake of eggs helps in increasing height.

Milk: The very basic component of everyone’s diet as it is very nutritious and contain protein in good amount which help in height gaining and support bone health with muscles building.

Taking all these foo items in proper proportion in your regular diet will help you to increase your height especially in children who are at the age of growth and development. These foods not only promote growth of height but also make your skeleton stronger which reduces the chance of facture.

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