Wednesday, August 25, 2021


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 It is very important to maintain a proper diet which include all the supplements in it but there are some of the foods which help in is fighting with cancer, so there are some foods also which increases the risk of cancer. It is very important to select our diet accordingly which contain healthy food not the food which causes harm to our body.

Eating the right food and feeling our body with correct nutrition and mineral is important for having a healthy body or else there will be certain side effect of taking the food which causes damage to our body.

Here are some of the cancer-causing foods:

Processed meat: WHO very clearly said that processed meat causes Cancer. Process processed meat contain stomach cancer. In place of processed meat to we can take white fish or chicken in our diet.

Alcohol: Alcohol is very harmful for our body as we all know that intake of alcohol can cause mouth, throat, breast, stomach, liver cancer.

Sugary Drinks or non-diet soda: Drinking lot of sugary drinks and non-diet soda will cause obesity which will lead to production of cancer cells. Obesity is also one of the factor that causes cancer.  

Fast food: Fast food causes the increase of fat in our body which is also one of the factors of getting cancer fast food contain food which are high in fat starch and sugar which make the calories increase in your body which leads to obesity and its result in Cancer.

Some of the food item which should one should avoid in daily diet as this food are very body and can damage different parts of our body. Cancer is one of the biggest threats of today's world. It is very important to maintain a healthy diet which help you in remaining fit and healthy and which protect you from diseases.

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