Tuesday, August 17, 2021


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Diabetes is a type of disease which we have to battle for lifelong so it is very important to keep on checking our blood sugar level as it increases the risk of cardiac problem, kidney diseases and blindness. If you are diagnosed with diabetes then it is very important for you to maintain a healthy diet as it helps you in maintaining your blood sugar level.

Here are some of the food items which a diabetic patient should include in his diet:

Fatty fish: Fatty fishes are considered very good for the people suffering from diabetes. Fatty fishes contain Omega 3 fatty acid which is very important for maintaining the normal blood sugar level and it also decreases the risk of heart diseases. Fatty fishes are also a very good source of protein which help in regulating the blood sugar level.

Green vegetable: Green vegetables are important as they contain nutrients and are low in calories. They are also good source of many vitamins’, mineral including Vitamin C. They have properties which protect our eyes from muscular degeneration which is a complex problem in diabetes.

Avocados: Good for our health as they contain fiber and healthy fat which help in regulating our blood sugar level. Consumption of avocado also help in maintaining our body weight. Eating avocado daily in our diet also protect us from getting diabetes.

Egg: Egg is considered very rich source of protein and also provide amazing health benefits. Eating egg regularly help in prevention from various heart diseases. It also decreases the inflammation and improve our insulin sensitivity and also reduces the cholesterol.

These were some of the food items which are diabetic patient should include in his diet to maintain the blood sugar level and people who are not suffering from diabetes they should also include as it will prevent them from getting diabetes in future.

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