Thursday, August 26, 2021


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Fig also known as Anjeer belongs to a mulberry family which is  bell shaped flowering plant. Extremely sweet fruit with several crunchy seeds. It can be consumed fresh or even after drying. It has natural sugar and that's why it is known as nature's candy. Family uses the juicy fleshy in various types of jam, cake, pie is made from fig.

Here are some of the health benefits of taking fig in your diet:

Full of Nutrition: Fig are very low in calorie and that is why they are found to be good for our body. It contains Vitamin A and K which help us to prevent from chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer. When fig is dried, they become super rich in minerals like calcium, iron, Magnesium, Copper and Zinc. Fig help in balancing the fluid also regulate the blood pressure and heart rate.

Help in Sexual problems: Figs are found to be very highly rich fruit since ancient help in maintaining our stamina and also fertilization. Dried figs are rich in amino acid which is very important for our body.

Help in weight loss: It is found to be one of the ideal snacks for maintaining weight. Figs contain many nutrition and it also help in maintaining weight and help in reducing weight. High content of fiber which is important for our body. Fig is found to be one of the healthy snacks.

Regulate blood pressure: The content of potassium found in fig help in regulating the high blood pressure. It also helps in functioning of muscles and nerves and also manage the fluid in our body, it helps in managing the blood pressure and also improve the blood circulation and relax from stress.

Make bones strong: Fig are rich in vitamins and minerals which play a very important role in making our bones strong. Fig contain calcium and phosphorus in very high amount which help in regrowth of the bones and also protect from the injury of bones.

Some of the benefit of taking fig in your diet. Taking fig dried or fresh will help you in making your body strong and healthy. It will help you in regulating your blood pressure also reduces the risk of other diseases.

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