Friday, August 13, 2021


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Bananas are one of the best food you can eat . It is not only yummy but it also benefits your health to great extent . Let us see how bananas benefits our health :

It is loaded with nutrients – bananas are one of the few foods that are packed with nutrients such as proteins , vitamins , potassium , magnesium , fiber and is also very rich in anti oxidants too . That is why banana is also known as a whole food .

It improves digestive health – if you are suffering from stomach related problems such as constipation or having a bad stomach then eating bananas are great . As it is rich in fiber which improves digestion and also fights bad bacteria and helps in preventing colon cancer too .

It may improve kidney health – as bananas are certainly rich in potassium it may benefit kidney health . Eating bananas on regular basis can improve your kidney and can decrease problems related to kidney up to 50 % !

It helps in maintaining weight – as bananas are high in fiber and low in calories it may help you in maintaining weight . As it makes you feel to a longer period and balances your appetite .

It is good for your heart – bananas are packed with potassium and magnesium which are really good for your heart and helps you in maintaining blood sugar levels too .

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