Sunday, August 8, 2021


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Protein is very important for your health . It is said to be the building block of the body . Here are some foods that are rich in protein :

Eggs – eggs are one of the foods that are highly rich in protein . They are also a great source of vitamins , minerals and also contain a good amount of anti oxidants .

Milk – milk is a all in one food . It contains almost all the nutrients which is required for our body . It is especially rich in protein , calcium and vitamin B .

Fish – fish is another food which is highly rich in protein . It contains all the essential nutrient which in required for the body . Also including fish in your diet can improve your hair and skin quality too .

Peanuts – peanuts are highly rich in protein and fiber . It also helps you in losing weight as it is low in calories on the other hand peanut butter are high in calories .

Chicken – chicken is one of the best source of protein out there. It is also easy to cook and it also tastes yum!

Oats – oats is one of the healthiest food available . It is rich in various nutrients such as fiber , magnesium , protein etc . It also helps you to lose weight as it makes you keeps you full for the longer time .

Potatoes – potatoes may contain carbohydrate but are also very good source of nutrients especially protein . If potatoes are eaten in right quantity they can benefits you in many ways .

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