Monday, August 9, 2021


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Carbohydrates are found not healthy and are also blamed for obesity . But you should notice that not all carbs  are bad . So here are some high carbs food that are also considered healthy :

Bananas – bananas are one of the healthiest food out there . It is made up of 23 % carbs . Bananas are high in potassium , vitamin B6 and vitamin C . As they are high in potassium , it may help you in regulate blood pressure . It also improves digestive health .

Beets – beetroots are one of the best foods . It is loaded with nutrients such as vitamins , minerals , anti oxidants etc . It also boosts immunity and physical performance and also increases blood count .

Apples – apples contain about 13 – 15 % of carbs . It provides many nutrients but in small quantities . It also helps in maintaining blood sugar levels and reduces the chance of heart disease too .

Oats – oats are one of the healthiest food . It is rich in protein , vitamins, carbohydrates . Also if you want to include carbs in your diet without gaining weight then oat is an excellent option because it keeps you full for a longer period .

Dates – dates are another food which are a excellent source of vitamins, minerals , fiber , carbohydrates etc .

Sweet potatoes – sweet potatoes contain 18 – 21 % carbs . They are also rich in several nutrients such as vitamins , minerals and anti oxidants . Eating sweet potatoes on a regular basis fulfils your need of carbs and also does not impacts your heart health negatively .

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