Thursday, August 12, 2021


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Mustard oil is a great all rounder . It is good for your hair  and for your skin too . So , let us see how mustard oil benefits hair :

It prevents hair loss – applying mustard oil to your scalp is great as it packed with nutrients such as omega 3 fatty acids , omega 6 fatty acids, vitamin E , zinc etc which strengthen your hair and prevents you from hair loss .

It keeps your hair hydrated – as it is enriched with fatty acids , it acts as natural conditioner and keeps your hair hydrated . Therefore , it makes your hair soft , silky and shiny .

It boosts blood circulation – massaging mustard oil in your scalp on regular basis can increase blood circulation in your head which helps in preventing hair thinning and promotes hair growth .

Keeps dandruff away – if are having dandruff problem then mustard oil is all you will ever need .  As it is rich in anti oxidants it nourishes your scalp and prevents dandruff and also decreases the chances of acne or pimple too . Try to use it twice a week for better results .

It nourishes your hair – even if you are not suffering from dandruff or hair loss applying mustard oil is great as it further improves your hair texture and quality and protects your hair from any possible hair hazard too .

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