Wednesday, August 11, 2021


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The first thing that we take in the morning is very important part of our diet. Drinking something healthy and refreshing in the morning will make all our day good and energetic.

So, here are some of the refreshing morning drinks which helps in boosting metabolism and also reduce weight if taken regularly in the morning empty stomach.

Jeera water: Jeera is one the very known spices and jeera water is a low-calorie drink which help our body in digestion and also help in reducing belly fat. To make this drink, soak jeera in water for overnight then in the morning stain it and drink empty stomach.

Fennel water: Fennel seeds have detoxifying properties in them so when taken with water help our body to detoxify and improve our metabolism. Soak the fennel seed overnight and drink in morning.

Ajwain water: Ajwain, also called carom seeds help in improving bodies metabolism and also boost our digestion. Soak roasted ajwain overnight and drink in the morning.

Lemon water: The most refreshing drink to start your day. Adding lemon in lukewarm water will help in burning belly fats and also acts as antioxidants to our body. Taking lemon empty stomach will also help in improving your metabolism.

Green tea: This has widely become famous as it has antioxidants properties and also helps in boosting metabolism. Its helps in loosing weight and is good for our health.

These were some of the morning drinks which refreshes our body, and give energy in the morning to do the work. Drinking these will help in digestion and also helps in boosting our metabolism.

Intake of any one drink daily will help you in reducing weight and burn belly fat.


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