Friday, August 6, 2021


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Nowadays , it is really getting difficult to manage the hair and eventually it leads to hair fall . So , here are some foods that are healthy for your hair :

Green vegetables – green vegetables especially spinach is considered great for your hair as it is full of nutrients such as iron , vitamin A and C which all promotes hair growth .

Eggs – eggs are really good for your hair as they are great source of protein . If you are vegetarian or don’t really eat eggs you can still aid benefit from it as you can make a hair mask using it and it really makes hair soft and glossy .

Sweet potatoes – sweet potatoes are very rich in anti oxidants such as vitamin A which protects your hair against dullness and dryness and also helps in hair growth .

Avocados – avocados are tasty and also very nutritious . It is rich in anti oxidants and vitamin E which aids in hair growth and makes hair smooth and shiny .

Sea food – sea foods are a great source of nutrients . They are rich in vitamin B , vitamin C , iron , zinc , vitamin D etc and are really good for your hair as they promotes growth as well as reverse the damage .

What you eat reflects in your hair health . So always try to eat meals which are nutritious because it may help you treat hair loss and can promotes hair growth . Also if have a certain medical condition , always consult your doctor before adding any food in your diet .

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