Sunday, August 15, 2021


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Sandalwood also known as Chandan is used as a beauty ingredient that is natural, reliable and effective for our skin. Use of Sandalwood has been from a very long time. Sandalwood helps us from problems like breakout, pimples, dark circles on the skin.

Sandalwood is a product of Ayurveda which is used skin purpose, not only used for skin but it also contains so many medicinal properties in it.

Here are some of the benefits of Sandalwood for our skin:

Remove tan: Sandalwood play a very important role for our skin to save us from the harmful rays of the Sun. Sandalwood contains some of the natural oil which protect our skin from the sun tan. It acts as a cooling agent for our skin and protect us from Sunburn.

Contain anti-inflammatory properties: Sandalwood contain anti-inflammatory properties which help us from Sunburn and also reduces the acne. Sandalwood is also used when there is any insect bite or skin wound.

Act as astringent: Sandalwood protect our skin from breakouts allergies or rashes. Today people use different types of products of Sandalwood such as face pack and toner to make their skin look shiner and brighter. It also provides Glow to our skin.

Act as antiseptic: Sandalwood also prevent our skin from having pimples or developing any acne. It also helps our skin from getting bacterial growth on the skin and also protect us from other skin problems.

Reduce dark spot: Sandalwood in powdered form mix with coconut oil and massage on face and is left for overnight help you in removal of dark spot present in your face. Sandalwood is found to be very beneficial for oily skin at that help in removing the extra oil present on the face.

These were some of the benefits of using Sandalwood on our face for getting a glowing and Shiny face. Sandalwood is something which is related to Ayurveda so it will never be harmful for your face. Applying Sandalwood daily on your face will give you a soft skin and also will protect from pimple and early aging.

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