Sunday, August 8, 2021


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Flax seeds are considered rich in anti oxidants and fiber and are also called “functional food” that means one eat it to boosts their health . So , let us see how flax seeds benefits our health :

It is rich in nutrients – flax seeds contains a large amount of nutrients such as iron , calcium , omega 3 fatty acids , protein , carbs , magnesium etc .

It may help in prevent cancer – as flax seeds are high in lignans which are high in anti oxidants and estrogen , which helps lowers the risk of breast and prostate cancer and improves health .

It improves digestive health – flax seeds contains 2 types of digestive fiber : soluble and insoluble . Soluble fiber helps in maintaining blood pressure levels and lowers bad cholesterol on the other hand insoluble fiber regulates bowel movement that prevents constipation .

It improves heart health – studies have shown that eating 30 grams of flax seeds on a daily basis can help in lowering bad cholesterol and improves good cholesterol and also helps in regulating blood pressure levels too which eventually improves heart health .

It may reduce the pain in arthritis – studies have proven that eating one tablespoon of flax seeds daily can help you reduce the stiffness and joint pain and it may also helps you in reducing inflammation too .

Though flax seeds are great for you and improves your overall health but if are suffering from a certain health condition then you should always consult to your doctor before adding flax seeds in your diet . 

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