Tuesday, July 27, 2021


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Avocado are becoming popular nowadays . They not only tastes good but are also healthy . So , let us see some benefits of avocados :

They are better than bananas – most people do not get enough potassium . Avocados contain more potassium than bananas . Therefore , consuming more potassium means a reduction in blood pressure levels and also improves heart health .

It may help prevent cancer – as avocados are highly nutritious , there are some studies which states that avocado may help prevent prostate cancer and can also reduces the side effects of chemotherapy too .

It may help ease the pain in arthritis – arthritis is becoming a common health issue . Studies shows that avocado oil can ease the pain and can reduce the symptoms of osteoarthritis too .

It may help you lose weight – as avocados are high in fiber and are low in carbohydrates therefore it may help you in losing weight  also avocado naturally makes you eat fewer calories so it is easy for you to stick with healthy diet .

Are good for your digestion – as they are high in fiber , so it can help you prevent constipation , keep your digestive system healthy and also lowers the risk of colon cancer too .

They are high in folate – avocados are high in folate , therefore it may lower the risk of depression and also regulates sleep , mood and appetite too . Folate is also very important for healthy pregnancy and consuming a good amount of it can reduce the risk of miscarriage too .

Avocados are one of the best food as they are loaded with nutrients and provides us many health benefits too . But it does not treat any severe medical condition . 

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