Monday, July 12, 2021


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It is very important to keep your digestive system healthy. Large intestine is one of the important organ of the digestive system and keeping it clean and healthy is important too . So , here are some ways you can clean your colon at home :

Drink plenty of water – staying hydrated is a good way to regulate digestion. People suggest to drink 7 – 8 glasses of water everyday . Also consume fruits which are which are high in water content such as watermelon , tomatoes etc as these fruits help clean the colon naturally .

Herbal teas – some herbal teas are good for your digestive heath . Herbs like ginger , garlic , pepper aloevera etc suppresses bad bacteria and can also help with constipation too . Try to drink 2 – 3 cups of herbal tea a day .

Consume a high fiber diet – fiber is one of the important nutrients . Try to eat high fiber foods such as fruits , nuts, seeds , vegetables etc because it may help it may help in constipation and also boosts good bacteria .

Benefits of colon cleanses :      

It increases energy and removes toxins .

It also helps in weight loss .

Helps in boosting immune system .

Also relieves cramps , bloating and reduces the risk of colon cancer and improves mood .

Risks involved :

Continuous vomiting and nausea .

May result in kidney infection .

Dizziness and fainting .

Abdominal cramps and diarrhea .

Can also cause dehydration .


Always talk and consult your doctor before starting colon cleansing even when you are doing it in a natural way and if the side effects gets worse try to seek medical care immediately .

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