Tuesday, July 20, 2021


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We all love new born babies but so we all known some strange facts about them. 

Here are some facts about our new born:

The first poop of babies does not stink: It is found that when the baby first poop that time its poop does not stink as it is something that is given to them when they are inside mother’s womb and therefore it does not have bacteria. After that when mother feed them bacteria get present in the child intestine.

At time some of them stop breathing: It is found that while sleeping some babies stop breathing for few seconds. Irregular breathing is found quite common in babies like when they cry or laugh that time either slows down or breathe faster.

Taste buds is there in tonsils: It is found the baby have same number so taste buds which kids have and therefore it covers their tonsils and back of throat areas also. New born babies get taste like sweet, bitter, sour but they can’t get salty taste. When they start eating, they like to eat the same foo which mother ate at the time of pregnancy.

Cry without tears: When the child is born in first few week, they cry without tears just the sound is heard after a month they start to cry with tears.

Sleep with face on right side: Most of the babies sleep with their face on right side and that is the reason most of the child are right-handed. Only 15% babies are there who sleep with face on left hand and that is also genetic.

Get scared by their own: It is seen that a new born get scared with very small things also like loud noise, sudden motion, bright light. So sometime they get scared with their own cry and motion.

These were some of the interesting and strange facts about new born which should be known by everyone of us. 

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