Saturday, July 17, 2021


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Today hair fall is a very common problem faced by both males and female. People tries too many home remedies; go through doctor’s advice many even go for surgery but this all are not permanent solution of this problem. Even after doing so much you keep on facing hair fall problems.

Today to deal with hair fall problem people uses variety of shampoo’s, conditioners and serums but still fails to get over hair fall. Many companies give guarantee that using their product will stop hair fall but it’s hardly happens.

This all are the problems we face but do you really know what are the reasons behind hair fall.

So here are some of the major reason which leads to hair fall.

·       Stress and tension: When we face stress and tension both physically and emotionally this leads to hair fall.

·       Pollution: This is also a major problem which leads to hair fall. As air contain dust, smoke, nickel, lead this all settle at the scalp which leads to hair fall.

·       Lack of balanced diet: When you do not take all the nutrients in a balanced form then lack of some nutrient which is needed for hair growth is missing than that leads to hair fall.

·       Inadequate sleep: If you do not take proper sleep than that an also be a major reason for hair fall.

·       Hormonal changes: If your body is facing some hormonal changes like PCOS, changes in menstrual cycle etc. then that an also be the reason of hair fall.

·       Genetics: This is also a reason for hair fall. Like if your family have the heredity of hair fall than you will also face the problem.

At the end concluding the topic by saying even one can control problems like hair fall , with having a balanced diet an healthy lifestyle.

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