Monday, July 5, 2021


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Sound therapy also called sound healing uses sound , music and instruments which are played in therapeutic ways which improves mental and physical well being .

Benefits of sound therapy :

Relieves stress – one of the most important benefit of sound therapy is that it makes you feel relaxed . The soothing sound helps your brain to cope up with stress better .

Gives positive energy – when you feel relaxed , you connect to your surroundings and feel more positive about yourself .

You feel more focused – sound therapy helps you to regain focus in your life . This not only helps you to cope up with day to day activities but it can also improve your athletic performance .

Boosts your confidence – when you create new and positive patterns in your brain it boosts your confidence . Also if you want to face new challenges , so you will need confidence to make important changes in your life .

Improves your relationship with others – too much stress can affect your relationship with others . But with the help of sound therapy , your stress levels are reduced and you can build and strengthen your relationship with your friends and family .

Sound therapy has been found to be effective for stress reduction and relaxation and also has numerous other health benefits such as it lowers blood pressure levels , improves sleep quality etc . Also listens to the music that makes you feel calm .

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