Wednesday, July 21, 2021


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We all are aware that olive is plant and the people use its oil for eating purpose. The oil is extracted from fruits and seeds and its leaf is used in medicines.

Olive oil is also well known by all of us as we use it in making food. Olive oil is found to be beneficial for people with heart problem, high cholesterol and high blood pressure problem.

It is found that the fatty acid present in olive oil helps in decreasing the cholesterol present in body and also helps in maintaining the blood pressure of the body. Olive oil also helps in killing the microbes present in body hence protect our body from diseases.   

Here are some of the positive sides of using olive oil:

·       Lower the risk of breast cancer.

·       Protect our heart from various diseases, heart attack, strokes.

·       Helps in improving blood sugar level and help in controlling diabetes.

·       Helps in controlling blood pressure.

Benefits of olive oil:

·       It is rich in monounsaturated oleic acid that means help in controlling fat in body and is good for health.

·       It has antioxidants and show powerful biological effects on our body.

·       Help in prevention of strokes.

·       Using of olive oil helps in fighting with diseases like Alzheimer.

·       Protect from risky disease like cancer.

·       Helps in treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Olive oil is actually considered a good oil as it has so many health benefits and it also protect us from various risky diseases like heart attack and cancer.

Today we all want to be healthy and fit so we are trying to add all good source of food in our diet so that we do not fall sick and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

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