Friday, July 2, 2021


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Zumba is an interval workout . It includes high and low intensity dance moves which is designed to get up your heart rate and boosts metabolism . Here are several benefits of doing zumba .

It helps to build endurance : zumba is basically fast paced as music is played so moving with the beats helps you to build endurance after just a few workouts .

It is a full body workout : as it is the combination salsa and aerobics . Also there is no particular way to do it . So as long as you moving and grooving to the beat , you are exercising .

It burns calories : zumba is all about movement . It burns a large amount of calories through aerobic activity . One can burn 500 – 1000 calories in a zumba class .

It relieves stress and boosts mood : zumba is considered the perfect workout if you want to get rid of all your stress . Studies shows that while doing zumba, your body releases mood improving endorphins which helps to boosts your mood and feel good .

It improves blood pressure : studies have shown that slightly obese men and women experience a decrease in blood pressure levels and it also improved their health in general too.

It improves your quality of life : zumba is not just a workout and not only provides certain health benefits but it is also a social workout which connects you with others .

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