Saturday, July 31, 2021


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Well we all know that monsoon causes some real damage to our hair . Therefore your hair needs maximum care during this time . So , here are some tips of how you can take care of your hair and minimize the damage :

Eat a healthy diet – eating a proper healthy diet is not only important for your body but it is equally important for your hair too . Try to add protein rich foods such as eggs , whole grains , dairy products and green vegetables such as spinach in your diet as it promotes hair growth .

Oil your hair at least 2 times a week – try to apply coconut or almond oil in your hair at least twice a week. Also oiling your hair 30 minutes before washing it increases shine and makes your hair healthy .

Do not wet your hair in the rain – you should try to keep your hair dry because rain water is acidic and damages your scalp . You should also never comb your hair wet as it increases the chances of hair fall .

Apply hair masks – dandruff , hair fall are common during monsoon . So try to apply hair masks as it makes your hair healthy and also helps in getting rid of the dandruff and strengthen it too .

Also try to avoid using hair gels and hot styling tools as it have negative effects on your hair . So , by following the above hair care tips you can enjoy the rain even when your hair are wet .

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