Friday, July 30, 2021


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We all know that our skin depends totally depends on the food items like if we take good and healthy food then our skin will be glowing but if we take unhealthy food then it leads to oily skin with pimples.

Today having oily skin is really a major problem between youth, as we all admire glowing and pimple free face but oily and dull.

If you want to have a good glowing and shining face then you need to take proper care of your food and lifestyle.

Here are some of the food items which leads to oily skin:

·       Salt: The very basic and most important ingredient of food. But do you know excess amount of salt and leads to dehydration which results in increasing oil level of your body, swelling and eye bags.

·       Sugar: Another important ingredient of food. Taking excess amount of sugar in diet leads to production of IGF-1 which is a peptide hormone that help in growth but also cause production of extra oil in body.

·       Fried food: The very obvious product which leads to oily skin is fried food. Eating so much of fried food leads to make our skin oily which leads to pimple in our face. One should use olive or avocado oil for deep frying purpose as they cause less harm to skin.

·       Soft drinks: We all take soft drinks and are not aware of the fact that it also leads in making our skin oily an it contains sugar in very large amount. Try to take diet soda instead of soft drinks.

·       Alcohol: Alcohol have some properties in itself which leads to dehydration of skin an which in end results in oily skin. One should try to replace alcohol with fruit juices or drinks with non- alcoholic ingredients. 

These were some food items which leads to oily skin. So one should avoid these to get free from oily skin.

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