Saturday, July 17, 2021


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As we know human body is made of 60% water which clearly means water play a very important role in human’s body. In some scientific research it is found that the more hydrated your body is the more efficiently and actively it works.

According to science we can say that yes, water helps in weight loss. Water helps in reducing your diet, it also boosts bodies metabolism and helps in making exercise more efficient.

Here are few reasons which support the statement that water helps in weight loss: -

It is considered as natural appetite: When ever we drink water, we feel that our stomach is full and then we do not eat anything which means water control the extra food in our diet, and if we don’t eat extra, we will not gain weight.

Helps in extra calories burning: In some scientific study it is found that drinking water helps in calories burning especially cold water. Nearly 2 to 3% calories are burned by drinking water.

Helps to remove waste from body: If our body is hydrated then it also helps in removing waste materials. It helps our kidney in removal of toxic waste and water also help in proper digestion of food.

Help during workout sessions: If your body is fully hydrated then it also helps in yoga an exercise session. It prevents from muscles cramps and weakness. Water also helps in maintaining concentration power and focus.

So yes, drinking water helps in weight loss an it also helps in maintaining a proper diet. Drinking water has so many benefits. Drinking water not only helps in weight loss but also protect our body from various diseases related to kidney, liver and stomach.

So keep drinking water and be hydrated. 

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