Thursday, July 29, 2021


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Cow a very well-known animal for us, we also worship cow and according to Indian mythology we consider cow as God (gaw Mata). Cow’s urine also called Gomutra[H1]   has so many health benefits. Cow urine is also used in medicinal purpose. Indian people consider cow as a symbol of spirituality.

Urine of pregnant cow is considered to have more minerals and contains lots of health benefits. Cow urine is also considered good for hair and skin. It acts as a cleaning and detoxifying agent.

Here are some of the benefits of cow’s urine one should know:

·       Use of cow urine is mostly seen in Ayurveda as in that they use urine for the treatment of cancer and leprosy.

·       Herbal plants, cow’s milk and cow’s urine together help in treatment of anemia.

·       Earlier people used cow urine in the treatment of fever, they mix urine with ghee, yogurt and black pepper. They also mix cow urine with honey and turmeric as that help in treatment of sore throats.

·       Cow’s urine also helps in the treatment of asthma and some other liver diseases.

·       Helps in treatment of various skin diseases also.

·       It also helps in the treatment of disease like epilepsy.

·       Today people use cow urine in making sprays for controlling pest which can be used both in houses and field.

·       There are various company which make shampoos and soaps which have little amount of cow’s urine in it.

At the end we all know the health benefits of cow urine and we know these benefits since ages. People earlier used to drink cow’s urine empty stomach and that’s the reason they used to be fit and healthy.

Today also various company sold cow urine so it is easily available in market and it is really very beneficial for our body and health.


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