Friday, July 9, 2021


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Coconut oil has gain popularity over the years . It has numerous health benefits as follows :

Strengthen and improve hair quality – applying coconut oil to your hair increases it’s quality and makes it shiny and smooth and also protects it from damage . It penetrates the scalp better than most mineral oils .

Makes your skin healthy – applying coconut oil to your skin makes it glossy . It also has anti inflammatory effect and it also boost skin health .

Helps in weight loss – when people consume more calories , it results in weight gain . Study suggests that consuming 2 tablespoons of coconut oil can help you lose weight and also reduce belly fat and improve overall health .

It increases good cholesterol – studies have proven that coconut oil is helpful in maintaining and increasing good cholesterol . Taking 1 tablespoon of it is beneficial .

Helps to control blood sugar levels – coconut oil could help prevent obesity and can also fight insulin resistance i.e. it can help prevent type 2 diabetes .

Helps in reducing stress – coconut oil helps to reduce stress as it is rich in anti oxidants .  Researchers has also found coconut oil is helpful in treating some kind of depression too .

It also improves dental health – one of the important uses of coconut oil is that it improves dental health . It tends to improve gingivitis and fight against cavities .

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