Monday, July 26, 2021


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Cranberries are considered one of the super food because they are high in nutrient and anti oxidant . We can consume it in a form of juice or sauce . So , let us see some benefits of cranberries .

It benefits oral health – cranberries are said to be good for oral health as they enhance it by preventing bacteria from binding in to the teeth . Cranberries may also help in preventing gum diseases too .

It reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases – studies have proven that cranberries can reduce bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol and can also help in regulating blood sugar levels . It can also help in reducing the body mass index (BMI) .

It may help prevent UTIs – urinary tract infections are common especially among women . Cranberries contain condensed tannins which help in preventing UTIs . But it may help you prevent but they do not treat this condition so if you have it , consult your doctor .

It improves digestive health – as cranberries are rich in anti oxidants and also has anti inflammatory properties , it may improve your digestive health . It may also prevent colon cancer too .

Though including cranberries in your diet in a healthy choice and it also help you prevent some diseases but you should notice that it is not a substitute for your medical condition . Also consuming it in a normal quantity is safe and healthy but if you are consuming it in a large quantity then it may result in diarrhea , upset stomach and may increase your blood sugar levels . So , if you are suffering from any medical condition then contact your doctor before adding cranberries in your diet .

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