Saturday, July 31, 2021


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Over the years people have discovered many health benefits of honey so let us see some it :

It is rich in anti oxidants – it has anti inflammatory properties as it is rich in anti oxidants . It keeps us away from heart diseases , certain types of cancer and other health issues too .

It improves digestive health – raw honey is considered good for your digestion system . It promotes good bacteria and also fights with bacteria which causes ulcers .

It also promotes oral health – we know that sugary substances are not really good for oral health but on the other hand honey has anti bacterial properties so it helps in fighting tooth cavities .

Treats sore throat and cough – one of the most important benefit of honey is that it is very beneficial for cold , cough and treats sore throat because it has anti inflammatory and anti bacterial effect which provides a soothing effect .

It promotes wound healing – honey is great for your skin . Also as it has anti bacterial properties it is proven effective for burns, wounds and other skin infections too .

It is a great alternative for sugar – though honey is still high in calories but it is a great alternative for sugar especially raw honey as it is tasty and also less bad than sugar .

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