Tuesday, June 22, 2021


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Sex is a taboo subject . People don’t talk about it but it is very important to be educated about sex . Sex education helps people to get the information , motivation and abilities to make right decisions about sex and sexuality and it should be should be compulsory in all the schools .

Benefits of sex education :

HIV and STD’s prevention – sex education plays a vital role in preventing HIV and sexually transmitted diseases .

No more unwanted pregnancies – when people are not aware of sex education they might get unwanted pregnancies . But sex education programs helps to delay first intercourse and increasing the use of contraception among sexually active youth .

To fight against sexual violence – sex education helps teenagers to biologically understand themselves . It also empowers boys and girls to speak if their sexual boundaries are being violated and they do not fall victim of sexual predators . It is also proven that countries that have positive attitude about sex education also have better health outcome .

Barriers to providing sex education :

Opposition of government – people think that teaching sex education in schools is equivalent to teaching them about sexual intercourse . And they view it in a wrong way and thinks that this will spoil them and morally corrupting them .

Lack of knowledge – though some teachers are determined to provide sex education, some find it difficult and inappropriate. Also there are lack of skilled teachers .

So , one need to understand that sex education is extremely necessary because teenagers should be informed and make the right decisions . Also , teens tends to indulge in sexual activities so it is better if they are informed as sex and sexuality can be scary if they are uncertain .

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