Thursday, June 3, 2021


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Organic food are produced using natural substances that means it avoids using chemicals or pesticides etc . Organic food has become popular around the world in   the last two decades . Also organic food is safer , healthier than the regular food we eat .  

Benefits of organic food :

It is environmental friendly – it is produced without using chemicals and pesticides . As these chemicals are harmful to our body people tend to move towards organic food .

It tastes better – although there is not much difference in taste of organic and non organic food but still the organic food is grown differently and comparatively has lower water content so that changes the flavor for some food products .

It contains more anti oxidants – studies have shown that organic foods are rich in nutrients . Also organic food tends to contain 40% more antioxidants .

It is healthier and safer to eat – when we are eating normal non organic food we might be exposing ourselves to different chemicals and bacteria which are not good for our body so by adopting organic food we are making our body healthy again .

It contains no or very less pesticide residual – non organic foods tends to contain pesticide residual on them which is harmful to our body . On the other organic food contains 80 – 85% less residual .

It is cheaper – some organic foods are cheaper than the other foods . Though at grocery stores you may find one may find it equally priced to the non organic foods  but buying it directly from local market or farmers can be comparatively cheap .

Though organic foods have several health benefits and is suitable for the environment but it is may be expensive sometimes and it spoils faster too also it may sometimes lack in several nutrients .

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