Monday, June 28, 2021


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Happiness does not mean feeling good but it also makes us healthier , productive and nicer in so many different ways too. We are social beings , we experience a range of emotions daily . Negative emotions helps us to get away from danger and positive emotions helps us to connect with others .

Happy people are more productive : people who are happy show a positive behaviour with their colleagues and shows more productivity and are successful too . Happy employees also shows high aptitude and problem solving skills too .

Happy people are healthier : happy people maintain better physical and mental health . When people are truly happy they make the most use of good times and cope up effectively from bad times .

Happy people maintain better relationships : happy people are better at maintaining social groups . They tends to have a good quality relationships , are less jealous and also have a strong bond with their friends and families .

Happy people are more creative : positive thinking brings new ideas hence , happy people are more creative. People who are stressed or anxious tends to lack creative ideas as they are constantly feeling irritated.

Happiness is important because it makes us better person for the people we love and for the society . So , now the question arises that how can be truly happy ? Do things that genuinely makes you happy , it can be anything such as writing , singing , dancing and also spend time with your loved ones .

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