Thursday, June 10, 2021


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Babies tends to sleep easily . But what if the baby is not keen to sleep at all ?

Cry it out method also called controlled crying is the method that means letting the baby cry and then fall asleep on their own .

How cry it out method works ?

Set a good night time routine – try to dim the lights , play soft and relaxing music , also read them a story .

Watch the situation – parents should see if their baby is sick or teething , is the baby hungry , is the room temperature too cold or hot .

Try to be consistent – it can be really tiring to try the cry it out method every night . But it is really important to do this regularly . Because if you are not consistent and responding only at certain times and not the other may be confusing to the baby .

How important is sleep for the baby :

It is really important for the baby to sleep . It helps the baby grow physically and mentally . Sleep also helps to strengthen their memories and things which they have learned while awake it also prepares them for the environment .

Some babies are good sleepers but others may not be that much interested in sleeping . So parents try some methods like no cry or cry it out method . Also while trying cry it out method parents should do have a consistent sleeping routine and should place their baby in the crib when they are little drowsy . No one can guarantee that the method will work but parents should not fret. Also always consult your pediatrician .

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