Friday, June 18, 2021


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Heart attacks are pretty common nowadays . It is may be due to stress or a hectic lifestyle etc . Heart attack is caused when the blood flow to the heart is disrupted . Women are less likely to suffer their first heart attack compared to men . This is maybe because symptoms differs . Women tend to have a “silent attack” and displays unusual symptoms .

Symptoms of heart attack :

Chest pain – it is the most common symptoms in both men and women . It is described as discomfort , aching , stiffness etc .

Feeling weak – weakness or feeling shaky is the most common symptoms of heart attack in women . it is followed by feeling lightheaded , experiencing anxiety , dizziness etc .

Unusual fatigue – extreme or unusual fatigue often leads to heart attack in women . We can notice that even small activities can lead to fatigue .

Excessive sweating – if a person is sweating without abnormally i.e. without doing any activity can have heart problems . As excessive sweating is another common symptoms of heart attack in both men and women .

Shortness of breath – heavy breathing or shortness of breath when followed by chest pain and weakness can lead to heart problems .

Difficulty in sleeping – women tend to experience difficulty in sleeping a weeks before having a heart attack. One can also experience unusual waking up throughout the night , feeling tired despite of getting enough sleep .

Heart attack is a serious medical issue which requires immediate treatment . Also women show different symptoms . They also have additional risk involved .  

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