Tuesday, June 29, 2021


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Studies have shown that one in four sexually active adolescent females have STD’s . Compared to older adults , sexually active adolescents aged 15 – 19 years and young adults aged 20 – 24 years are at higher risk of catching STD’s ( Chlamydia , gonorrhea ,herpes etc ) . Also in recent years there has been reduction in teen pregnancy , births and abortion . STD’s can spread through vaginal , oral or anal sex with someone who has STD’s . Anyone who is sexually active can acquire STD . Some STD’s like herpes can transmit through skin to skin contact too .

How you can protect yourself ?

1 . Well the safest way to protect yourself from STD’s is to not have sex because prevention is better than cure . Also one needs to understand that it is okay to say “no” if you don’t want to have sex .

2 . Also if you decide to have sex , your partner should get tested for it before .

3 . You should also consult a doctor about your sexual health and ask your doctor about STD testing and vaccine against HPV and other diseases .

4 . If you are having sex , then try to have a safe sex that is use condoms and other contraception etc .

How can STD’s be treated or what if you have incurable STD’s ?

You should consult a doctor . Your doctor can prescribe you medicines to cure some STD’s like gonorrhea etc . But other STD’s like herpes etc cannot be cured . So it is very important to go to your doctor because some STD’s can be really harmful if they are not treated on time . Also if you are living with a sexually transmitted disease it is important to tell your partner . 

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