Wednesday, June 23, 2021


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How much exercise can be too much exercise ? Athletes spend hours exercising because their body is used to it . But for us normal people doctors recommend 120 – 150 minutes of exercise but even in those 150 minutes you can push yourself too hard . Including exercise in your daily routine can benefit you in many ways but over exercising can have the opposite effects on your body .

Fatigue or anxiety – too much exercise can leave you fatigued or even depressed . It can also affect your sleep and also your appetite and make you feel even more fatigued and anxious . So if your workout does not make you feel good you need to change your fitness plan and should also try to add carbohydrates and protein in your diet .

Low weight – exercise helps us to maintain a healthy body weight but too much exercise can lead to too much weight loss . Also too much weight loss can lead to change in hormones . It can also lead to early menopause, infertility etc .

Bone and muscle injuries – after you exercise , one needs to relax . Running too much or lifting too much weight can lead to sprain , muscle strains and stress fractures etc .

Poor social relationships – when you do rigorous exercise , it can affect your relationship with your friends and families . If your are cancelling plans with people because of exercise , then you may be exercising for wrong reasons . Also you should exercise because you want to exercise it should be your choice , so if you are feeling anxious about skipping a workout it is because you may be exercising too much and doing it rigorously . 

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