Monday, June 7, 2021


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Childhood obesity is a complex health issue . Obesity in children is a serious issue that impacts both physical and mental health . children who has BMI of 95 or percent  more are considered to be obese .

Different health risks linked with childhood obesity :

Heart disease – the risk of heart disease in obese children are higher because of high cholesterol and high blood pressure . Foods that are high in fat and salt may cause blood pressure and cholesterol risks .

Type 2 diabetes – type 2 diabetes is another consequence of obesity . It is becoming more and more common in children who are obese . Diabetes can lead to eye infection , nerve damage and kidney and liver dysfunction too .

Joint pain and fatigue – children with obesity can also suffer from joint pain and stiffness and also has a difficulty in motion . They also tend to get easily tired .

Healthy eating and nutrition for children who are obese:

Obesity can be reversed by healthy eating . Changing the eating habits of them is really essential . One should try to eat fresh foods instead of processed and packed food such as –

Fresh fruits and vegetables , proteins such as chicken and fish , whole grains , low fat dairy products etc .

Obesity is a serious issue . Though with proper guidance and a healthier lifestyle obesity can be cured . One should learn to cope up with their problems in a healthy way such as by eating proper meals and by encouraging them to do plenty of exercise and stay active .

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