Wednesday, June 9, 2021


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GAPS stands for gut and psychology syndrome . So GAPS diet is the diet which is associated with overall physical and mental health . It states that improving gut health can improve other health conditions .

What one can eat :

Meat , fish , eggs , non starchy vegetables , fruits , fermented dairy , fermented vegetables , homemade vegetables and fruit juice , coconut oil , honey .

 What not to eat :

All grains (wheat ,rice , barley , oats ) and grain products such as (bread , pasta) , starchy vegetables ( potatoes , yams , sweet potato ) , quinoa , buckwheat , millet and other gluten free foods .

Benefits of this diet :

Encourages home made food – GAPS diet encourages home made food from fresh vegetables , fruits , meat , eggs etc . Also one can not eat restaurant made food in this diet .

Help to treat symptoms – GAPS diet is basically made for people who are suffering from dyslexia , ADHD , autism and other mental health problems . This diet specially helps people battling with these conditions . It helps to improve their conditions .

What are the cons of this diet :

Nutritional deficiencies – this diet may cause nutritional deficiencies because this diet tend to cut important foods such as whole grains .

Time consuming – this diet is of restrictive nature and is time consuming . Because on this diet one have to cook their own food and packed  food is not allowed .


Though this diet helps to treat autism and other psychological problems but one should not immediately adapt to this diet because it may lack nutrients which is essential for the body . Also one should always consult their doctor before starting this diet .

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