Wednesday, June 2, 2021


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Engine 2 diet is mainly focused on plant based diet .We can say that it is a strict form of vegan diet this also eliminates oils.

Several benefits of the diet :

Promotes heart health – As this emphasizes on the unprocessed plant food which is rich in proteins and low in carbohydrates eventually increases heart health .

Don’t worry for calories – every diet focuses and based on calorie intake but not this diet . One don’t have to monitor our calorie intake .

Helps in weight loss – this diet aids weight loss . People tend to follow this diet in order to lose weight as it is naturally lower in calories .

It encourages nutrients dense foods – this diet encourages healthy whole foods that includes fruits , vegetables , whole grains etc . As these foods are rich in fiber , vitamins , minerals and antioxidants .  It also limits processed foods .

Cons of the diet :

This diet is restrictive – this diet is more complex and restrictive . As we know this is the strict form of vegan diet which is already free from animal products so by eliminating all the oil one is making more hard .

May be expensive – it is mainly restricted to eating plant based diet so it is important to consume all the necessary nutrients therefore one should consume branded items which may be expensive .

Long term effect – this diet constraints us to only plants thus it may not provide all the nutrients required by the body . It may be beneficial for the short term but it may not be healthy in long term effects .


So , this diet basically focuses on eating fruits, vegetables. Though it promotes weight loss and improves overall health but it is restrictive and may increase certain nutritional deficiencies too .

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